Creativity for Coaches

Get creative!

Led by experts that are both coaches and artists, we’re going to teach you three creative practices that will help you facilitate deeper coaching conversations.

As practising coaches we understand the power of creativity to bring what is unconscious to the conscious. This is not just about the practice, it is about developing the ability to see what’s in the creative piece to enable you to formulate powerful questions. The purpose is to bring new awareness into the conversation for both the coach and the coachee.

Course Details

This workshop is suitable for practising coaches that want to broaden their approach and gain confidence in using creativity as a tool.

  • Collage Building: Each attendee will come to the session with a collage that they have created based on a coaching question. We’ll demonstrate how to explore the collage, showing you how to work with it to bring out questions and how to use the collage in a team setting to facilitate self-awareness and connectedness.
  • Creative Writing: We’ll explore the art of using writing prompts in order to facilitate new thinking through a stream of consciousness. We’ll discuss the importance of time-bound writing exercises and how to create the most useful writing prompt for the coaching question you are working with.
  • Drawing: We’ll show you how the simplicity of drawing can help you explore any issue with the individual or team coaching. We will demonstrate how it can be used as a powerful tool for the coach to playback what they’ve heard or as the coachee to express themselves in a different way.
  • Be able to confidentially use these three creative tools in your coaching practice.
  • Have learned about the power of creativity to unlock and explore the unconscious.
  • Have practised using all three tools and the art of direct questioning.
  • Understand that creativity can be used to simplify and clarify a complex issue.

3-hour online session

  • Alexandra Galviz
    Alex is a practising coach, professional writer and artist. As a LinkedIn Top Voice UK, she’s best known for writing under the hashtag #AuthenticAlex. Her background is working in the Financial Services as the Head of Training & Development of a foreign exchange broker. She gave that up to write a different story and to teach people to use their own story and voice to create an impact in the world.
  • Tracey McEachran
    Tracey is a practising team and executive coach and professional artist. Following a successful corporate career at Cadbury’s, she made a decision to develop her creative talents. By 2012 she had gained a BA honours and an MA in Fine Art Photography. She uses creativity to help others develop deeper insights and gain greater clarity to make the shifts they need to make.
Creativity for Coaches