Gestalt for Coaches

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Led by Barefoot Coach, Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist, Hannah will introduce you to the principles of Gestalt providing an experiential workshop that explores the importance of the here and now in enabling increased client awareness, choice, and change.

Course Details

This workshop is suitable for practising coaches that want to broaden their approach and learn about working with Gestalt.

  • Principles of Gestalt: We’ll uncover the principles of Gestalt and lenses which can be applied when working with clients. The importance of working with the relationship between coach and client in the “here and now”.
  • Raising Awareness: Each attendee will explore their zones of awareness, learning practical ways to explore awareness with coaching clients.
  • Contact: Attendees will explore the different ways we contact our environment and how such exploration supports the coaching relationship.
  • Phenomenology: We’ll work with the paradoxical theory of change, exploring more of who we are as clients, who we are as a coach with clients and how this awareness supports change. As coaches, you’ll learn practical tools for exploring clients’ phenomenology, exactly as they are to enable change.
  • Be able to work with clients in the here and now, raising their awareness to enable change.
  • Have learned about the principles of Gestalt and their application in coaching.
  • Have practised ways of working with the clients’ phenomenology and contact to raise awareness and support change.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of Gestalt, the importance of the coaching relationship and where to go for further learning.

3-hour online sessions


  • Hannah Turner – Barefoot Coach, Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist.
Coaching for Loss, Change, Uncertainty & Grief