Body of Knowledge: An Introduction to Working with Physical Intelligence for High Performance

Expand your coaching knowledge

An introductory, personal experience of Physical Intelligence that will enable coaches to understand their strength, flexibility, resilience, and endurance and apply their new knowledge in their coaching.

Led by performance coaches who are specialists in movement, breath and the science and technology of the body, we will facilitate you to develop an eloquent conversation with your body. We will provide you with the foundations to work with breath, posture, alignment and movement through personal experience of your strength and flexibility. Then we’ll explore how to create the conditions for recovery, growth, stamina and long-term vitality, accessing your resilience and endurance.

Course Details

Practising coaches that want to broaden their approach and gain confidence and skill in working with Physical Intelligence.

Introducing one or two core concepts and the basic neuroscience of each area of the Physical Intelligence curriculum this workshop will cover:

    • Introduction: Raising awareness and priming our amazing body to increase our ability to learn and change
    • Strength: Breathing and alignment for coherence and inner stability
    • Flexibility: Understanding tension and embracing new movement patterns for greater freedom. Creating a better diet of movement
    • Resilience: Creating the physical conditions for recovery and renewal, and ongoing emotional and mental growth and learning
    • Endurance: Making choices and applying principles to create a superior system for living. Creating better habits


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  • Understand the opportunity that working with the technology of the body offers to enable learning
  • Be able to use movement, breath, posture and alignment intelligently in their lives
  • Have practised four powerful techniques that they can take forward in their coaching
  • Understand how to apply those techniques to create change and support high performance

3.5-hour online session

3.5 ICF CCE points will be awarded for attending this course.

Claire Dale – Founder, Director, Author

Movement Specialist, leading exponent of Physical Intelligence, International speaker and co-author of the award-winning book Physical Intelligence (Business Book of the Year 2020, published by Simon & Schuster), Claire Dale successfully coaches, trains and consults from board level down to newly hired employees to help them achieve peak performance through Physical Intelligence.

With a background in Contemporary dance, Claire led her own dance company to European critical acclaim during the 1990s representing Great Britain in a number of high-profile Contemporary dance seasons. Claire has also created works for Sir Paul McCartney, Alsop Architects, CandoCo and L’Oreal as well as working on many theatre productions.

Claire began integrating her Physical Intelligence experience into the world of business in 2002, joining the elite team of business coaches at RADA and founding Companies in Motion. Her mission is to inspire businesses to work with the amazing technology of the body to achieve outstanding results. In June 2021 Claire and her team launched the Physical Intelligence Institute to certify coaches in working with Physical Intelligence, training 1,000 coaches every year.

Claire’s work is underpinned by science and a deep knowledge of how businesses work. Her highly charismatic coaching, facilitation and guest speaker skills have engaged individuals and training audiences at National Express, Sony, Bank of New York Mellon, BAE, SAGE, Coca Cola, J.P.Morgan, Mars, Euroclear, Shell, AstraZeneca among many others. Claire also has talked extensively in the media on the topic of Physical Intelligence, spoken at large scale international events including Aspire for Equality and Civil Service Live, and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio London.

Ben Joiner – Senior Facilitator, Consultant, Director of Learning

Ben Joiner is a movement specialist who has carried out 30 years of in-depth research about how we learn and engage through the body.

As well as being a highly experienced Physical Intelligence practitioner, Ben has been part of the faculty at numerous high-profile conservatories. He is an experienced 1:1 coach working regularly with clients from the world of arts and business.

As a facilitator and trainer in body, voice, presence, and personal impact, he has worked with Google, Marks and Spencer, HSBC, Centrica, The Cabinet Office, Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), Velocity Partners and multiple clinical commissioning groups for the NHS.

Having joined the team at Companies in Motion in December 2021, Ben is facilitating training and coaching from board level down to new recruits as well as supporting the development of the Physical Intelligence Institute, providing training for coaches who want to learn to work with the body.

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