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Save 20% on all Barefoot Coaching Cards, Books and Bundles from 24th November to 3rd December 2023.


Save 20% on all Barefoot Coaching Cards, Books and Bundles from 24th November to 3rd December 2023.

The Coach’s Survival Guide


Written by award-winning coach Kim Morgan, this book is aimed at new coaches working in a freelance or self-employed role. It is also a valuable resource for anyone involved in coaching, including trainers of coaches.

The Coach’s Survival Guide is an easy to use, accessible book, grounded in practice and experience and including case studies drawn from real-life practice. It is rooted in the real world, normalizing the insecurities felt by many coaches and acknowledging the realities of building a coaching business, while addressing the everyday issues that can hinder a coach’s performance or confidence.

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Kim covers issues such as:

• Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
• Establishing credibility
• Contracting and boundaries
• Coaching dilemmas
• Building your coaching business
• Self-care for coaches

This new book is intended to be a survival guide so that coaches can access instant support for dilemmas that occur in their coaching practice.

“Reading this book was like spending time with a close friend; a combination of warmth, wit and illumination.”
Professor Damian Hughes, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change

“This book is an essential companion to anyone setting out as a professional coach. It provides knowledge, expertise and, perhaps most importantly, comfort for all the challenges that new coaches face.”
Tom Preston, C.E.O. The Preston Associates

“At last, here is a book that acknowledges the very real challenges involved in building a coaching business – and provides a blueprint for success!”
John Perry, Coach and Principal Teaching Fellow, the University of Southampton, UK

“This is a hugely practical and accessible support guide to help you address the challenges you will face in developing your coaching practice, from setting up your practice, generating clients and managing yourself in the coaching relationship.”
John Leary-Joyce, Exec Chair AoEC International, author Fertile Void

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