Online Supervision

Supercharge your coaching practice

Supervision is a time and space to reflect on your coaching work.

Supervision enables you to gain objectivity and perspective on your coaching, particularly in complex or difficult situations, or where coaching work is triggering your own ‘hot spots.’

It will also provide support and guidance to you in dealing with ethical issues and adhering to best practice.

Course Details

We know that geography, time and cost of travel to supervision can mean that attendance at our face to face supervision sessions is not always possible for coaches so we offer the convenience of online supervision. Our sessions are open group supervision. This form of supervision will suit coaches who want to be able to access supervision from time to time when they feel they need it and can make time.

This online supervision session will be run by an experienced Coach and Coach Supervisor.

*Tutors for this session may be subject to change.

New coaches who are new to self-employment and are looking for motivation, inspiration and practical support to think about their business plans, alongside other coaches who are all in the same position.

This will be run as a group coaching programme, providing lots of opportunity for self-reflection and co-coaching on aspects of starting a coaching business, including:

  • Defining your goal. What type of business do you want to build?
  • Who are your customers? Developing customer avatars
  • Selling and marketing
  • Getting seen and heard
  • Interferences – credibility, beliefs, money
  • Professional support
  • Business planning

There will be work between sessions and delegates will update the group on their progress at each session.

  • Have refined their goals for the business they want to build.
  • Developed clarity about their target market and clients.
  • Experienced group coaching in action and co-coaching with other delegates.
  • Learned from other successful business owners about the way they built their businesses.
  • Considered the best way of marketing their business, which plays to their strengths.

4 x 4-hour online sessions, all 13:00-17:00

  • Kim Morgan (MCC, CEO & Founder of Barefoot Coaching Ltd., MA, MCC, Visiting Research Fellow University of Chester, Grief Recovery Specialist, Author of The Coach’s Casebook and The Coach’s Survival Guide, Monthly columnist for Psychologies Magazine)
Online Supervision