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Team & Group Coaching

Barefoot delivers a whole host of team and group coaching programmes and it is a growing area of our business for good reason. It works! Coaching on a 1:1 basis has its place, and an important place at that, but one to many coaching provides access to the wider system and brings together individuals who can support, challenge and learn from each other.
One question that we often get asked is ‘are we a team or a group?’ This isn’t always obvious and not necessarily deserving of a quick answer – but if you want a guide then here goes. In essence, if a collection of individuals have a core, unifying purpose that requires them to work interdependently then there’s a good chance they’re a team rather than just a group. Peter Hawkins (2015), Katzenbach & Smith (1993) and many others have written so much more on this of course (we said there isn’t really a quick answer).

Team Coaching

Have you ever been part of a highly effective team? Then you will know that the output is far greater than the sum of the individual team members’ contribution. The stark reality is that highly effective teams are relatively rare and that many organisations will benefit from some form of team coaching.

Barefoot’s team coaching is a highly cost-effective way of enhancing team performance and development. Barefoot team coaches bring high-level facilitation skills and an understanding of group dynamics and organisational development to create a stimulating and potentially transformational team coaching experience.

  • A true team coaching approach – experience, realism, pragmatism, honesty, equality and respect, with a robust mix of support and challenge
  • A programme that is adapted to meet the specific needs of the organisation and the team
  • Building on strengths and encouraging solution focussed thinking
  • Fast-paced, time-efficient and energising
  • Plain talking – no “trainer-speak” or jargon
  • Agreed, achievable and measurable actions and outcomes
The key to success is that the whole team needs to buy into the programme and be equally committed to its success. Our typical approach includes the following:
Contracting: Setting the scene, agreeing ways of working together and what success looks like, both for the team and for key stakeholders. This is all about creating a psychologically safe space for team members to do their best and freshest thinking.
Co-Diagnosis: Using surveys, semi-structured interviews and the data that already exists in the team. This often leads to an initial co-diagnosis session where the team shines a light on the challenges and opportunities. This enables the team coaches to design a bespoke team coaching programme that meets their needs.
Action: A series of sessions delivered to suit the client, that enables the team to have conversations that they may have never had before and make progress in the areas that will make the biggest difference.
Team and Group Coaching
Team and Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a new and fast-growing offering for organisations. It is a versatile way for individuals to experience the value of coaching and to learn through the use of powerful coaching models and techniques. Group coaching brings together a group of people who share a common interest, challenge or goal and who may be from different parts of the organisation. This is a highly effective approach to personal and professional development, and can be used to support individuals and to progress the organisation in a number of areas, including:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Supporting business resource groups and developing allyship within the organisation.
  • Parenting and Family Life: Supporting parents and those returning from parental leave to balance the demands of family life and work life.
  • Career Development: Providing peer to peer career coaching for those wanting to make the next move.
  • Building Confidence and Resilience: Bringing together people with the shared aim of building their confidence and their ability to deal with setbacks.
  • Organisational Change: Providing individuals either leading or experiencing change with the valuable opportunity to stop, reflect on what is going on for them and recharge.
  • Outplacement Support: Helping people leave the organisation in a way that is right for them, bringing together people in the same position to learn from and support one another.
  • Leadership Development: Bringing together leaders with similar challenges or opportunities, leaders classed as ‘high potential’, or women in leadership, to learn from each other, network and leave with practical next steps.
  • Affordability and scalability – it enables a group of people to be coached at the same time.
  • Can be delivered online or in person.
  • Bringing employees together from different parts of the business can increase cross-functional understanding and collaboration.
  • Group members often share the coaching approaches they have experienced in the coaching sessions with their colleagues and teams, which contributes to the growth of a coaching culture in the organisation.

Group Coaching is different from Team Coaching, where the individuals in the team would typically work together with a shared goal or purpose.

Thinking about group coaching in your organisation – what are the hot topics that you would like to support your people with right now?

What might be the benefits of group coaching to your people and your organisation?


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