Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

Bring the complex skills of 1:1 coaching to your work with teams


This innovative and dynamic programme combines high level learning about group and team dynamics, with plenty of opportunities to practice team coaching. It is a great development opportunity for new or experienced coaches wishing to work with teams.

Team Coaching Practitioner Programme – TC2
Module 1 – 19th-31st May
Module 2 – 9th-23rd June
Module 3 – 27th June

Everything you need to know

This programme is suitable for qualified, new or experienced coaches who want to bring the complex skills of 1:1 coaching to teams. It is ideal for any coach working independently or within an organisation.

Our programme is delivered online in three modules over twelve half-days. 


• Session 1: 19th May (09:30 – 13:30)
• Session 2 and 3: 25th and 26th May (09:30 – 13:30)
• Session 4 and 5: 30th and 31st May (09:30 – 13:30) 
• Session 6: 9th June (13:30 – 17:30) 
• Session 7: 10th June (09:30 – 13:30)
• Session 8 and 9: 15th and 16th June (13:00 – 17:00) 
• Session 10 and 11: 22nd and 23rd June (09:30 – 13:30)
• Session 12: 27th June (09:30 – 13:30)

Successful completion of the programme will enable you to confidently offer team coaching to organisations. As well as a full programme manual containing valuable tools and resources, you will receive a Barefoot Coaching certificate of completion, and a Barefoot Trained Team Coaching Practitioner digital badge to use in your marketing. Our digital badge is a demonstration of your experience and credibility as a Barefoot trained Team Coaching Practitioner.

  • Have developed greater self-awareness through deep critical reflection and feedback from others 
  • Understand the psychology of teams and the fundamentals of team coaching 
  • Know how to structure team coaching programmes using Barefoot’s 4D approach: Discover – Design – Deliver – Debrief 
  • Be able to contract effectively for team coaching and co-design the team/coach partnership  
  • Understand what is required of an effective Team Coach and have developed the skills needed to act as an ‘instrument of change’ 
  • Have practised facilitating team coaching and have received feedback from tutors and delegates 
  • Have reviewed their existing knowledge, skills and experience and understand how this can be brought into your coaching practice  
  • Have acquired a range of practical tools and approaches suitable for team coaching e.g. systemic coaching, use of constellations and diagnostic tools, and have practised using some     
  • Be prepared for the potential pitfalls and dilemmas of working with teams and know when to walk away 
  • Deepen your knowledge of the business of team coaching 
  • Have developed increased confidence, presence and impact as a Team Coach 
Group Size: 12
Cost: £2,250 + VAT
Team Coaching Practitioner Programme
Team Coaching Practitioner Programme


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