Stress and The Human Givens

Expand your coaching knowledge

This highly interactive workshop will demonstrate a range of practical tools to help you and your clients to manage pressure, enhance resilience and stay on top of your inner-game.

Course Details

Trainee and experienced coaches with an interest in adding stress coaching to their offering.

  • 3-Dimensional Stress Coaching: Manage Demands, Control Your Response and Choose Your Attitude.
  • Personality, Locus of Control and Psychological Drivers.
  • Human Givens and the Emotional Needs Audit.
  • Be able to practice effectively as stress coaches.
  • Have learned about the ‘3-Dimensions of Stress’.
  • Have practiced how to help clients recognise when they are heading for ‘Survival Mode’ and to quickly recover to ‘Competency Mode’.
  • Understand the ‘Human Givens’ approach and how to help clients identify unmet emotional needs and find solutions for meeting these needs more successfully.

2 x 4-hour online session

  • John Perry (MA, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA)
Stress and The Human Givens