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Andy Chandler, Managing Director at Barefoot Coaching Ltd

Barefoot Coaching Launches In-house Programme for Leaders

As leading experts in coaching and coach training, we have expanded our range of accredited coaching services with the launch of our first Leader as Coach Programme.  

Leaders and managers from across the world in a variety of organisations and sectors who are looking to build stronger, more productive teams and supercharge results, have joined together on our new in-house programme to learn coaching tools and techniques that can be applied as part of their day-to-day role.  

Accredited by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC) at Foundation Level and carrying the EMCC’s Global EQA Quality Award, the programme boosts our range of courses available as part of our continued commitment to supporting both local and global communities through innovative and transformative coaching services.  

The launch comes at a time when the demand for coaching is continuing to increase, with every month, over 1.5 million internet searches made by those looking for life, business, and executive coaching. And corporate coaching is at the forefront, as research from Ace Up found 90% of companies think managers should act as informal coaches. 

Delivered online, in-person or as a blend of both, the programme is highly practical, offering a mix of theory and practice. Upon completion, successful delegates are awarded a globally recognised individual Leader as Coach accreditation (EIA), serving as a clear indicator of a leader’s knowledge, skill and ability in coaching within the workplace.   

Andy Chandler, Managing Director at Barefoot Coaching, explains why we launched the programme: “Now more than ever leaders must engage and empower others to navigate this increasingly complex and hybrid world. We therefore constructed this in-house programme specifically for those looking to become better leaders for their teams, instead of turning leaders into full-time coaches.  

“The Leader as Coach programme is suitable for anyone who is directly or indirectly responsible for leading others. It provides a safe and confidential group environment for leaders to support (and be supported by) leaders facing similar challenges and learn how to engage and inspire those they work with to achieve better results by making their everyday conversations extraordinary.”  

Since establishing our headquarters in Castle Donington, we have significantly expanded our team and global reach, making remarkable strides in the industry over the past 25 years. Including the success of our flagship ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme, launched in 2001, which was one of the first University approved coaching programmes in the UK.  

To date, we have trained over 5,000 coaches from 28 different countries around the world, with this number continuing to grow every year; in addition to a dedicated team of 150 associate coaches.  

Our global impact is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in coaching and coach training. As well as working with some of the biggest names in business, including Amazon, Channel 4 and Lloyds Bank, we also offer discounted services to members of the NHS and not-for-profit organisations.  

Andy added: “We are incredibly proud of the growth and impact Barefoot Coaching has made in the coaching industry over the past 25 years. What initially started from a love of working with people to help them achieve their potential, has grown to Barefoot becoming one of the most trusted and respected providers of coach training worldwide, enabling us to train and empower thousands of individuals across the globe.”  

“The launch of our Leader as Coach programme is a very exciting milestone for us at Barefoot Coaching and another step in the right direction as we remain committed to fostering meaningful connections and delivering exceptional coaching services to our clients, both locally and globally.” 

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