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Three Ways to Challenge the Impostor Within

Three Ways to Challenge the Impostor Within

Hello, I am an impostor. My name is Gemma and I am an impostor. There. I said it. My impostor tells me I shouldn’t admit this out loud and that if I say it then I will look even more like a fraud. But by now I’ve learnt that what my impostor tells me is rarely based on the truth.

Glitter Grief and Loss

Glitter Grief and Loss

This week has been a glitter week for me. The first shiny speck appeared, soon to be joined by more sparkly bits, forming a small cluster. Each time I thought I was glitter free, blow me if another bit didn’t appear out of nowhere. It seemed to me that clusters attracted each other and grew, sparkling determinedly.

Blog From a Rebel Monk - Happiness in Bite Sized Pieces

Blog From a Rebel Monk – Happiness in Bite Sized Pieces

With my background in Buddhist meditation and training as a coach I am often asked The Big Questions of Life – particularly about how to be happy and cultivate a good mental state. I am always happy to share friendly thoughts on such subjects as best I can and this blog is one of those friendly times.


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Our Founder and CEO, Kim Morgan is a regular Psychologies Magazine columnist covering all topics including families, relationships, work life balance, careers, imposter syndrome, people pleasing and so much more.

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